Sick Tea

Mom’s Magic Sick Tea

My mom would try to make me drink this tea when I was younger (and I wouldn’t touch it) but it has become my best friend when I am under the weather.

2 tsp lemon (I quarter and squeeze one whole lemon)

2 tsp vinegar

2 tsp honey/maple syrup/agave

2 tsp olive oil

2 tsp cayenne

2 c hot water

If you are ambitious, boil the water with chopped fresh ginger and use the ginger water to make the tea.

Blackberry Basil Mojito

Blackberry Basil Mojito

Very light and refreshing. Perfect for summer!

IMG_0220 IMG_4354 IMG_6402

This is an altered version of the Minmalist Baker’s recipe:

·       1 Tbsp brown sugar

·       1/2 orange (the original recipe calls for lime)

·       3 blackberries

·       6-7 basil leaves

·       1.7 ounces white rum (we used a spiced local organic rum)

·       1 cup crushed ice

·       1/4 cup soda water

  1. Gently mash the sugar, orange juice, and blackberries in a glass.
  2. Add the basil and continue to mix together.
  3. Add the rum and stir. Then add the ice and the club soda.
  4. Use the basil leaves and/or blackberries for garnish.