Welcome to Bella’s Belly!

 Where brussels sprouts and ice cream happily coexist


Venice, Italy

My name is Bella and I recently moved to Paris from San Francisco. I love everything food-related—eating it, cooking it, and photographing it. I drag my friends to restaurants and embarrass them as I take photos of our meal from every angle. I cook (mostly) healthy but always delicious food. I’m an advocate for fresh organic produce and farm-to-table restaurants but taste is my number one priority. I am the least picky person you will meet—shout out to my mom for serving me pâté on toast and kimchi. I’m the person who orders ginger or jasmine ice cream over chocolate or strawberry.  My mom taught me to appreciate the culture and heritage behind food. I never miss an opportunity to learn how to prepare a new dish. I have fond memories of family and friends teaching me how to make homemade tamales, chicken adobo, and spanakopita. Food brings people together and celebrates different origins. Please send recommendations because I am always eager to try new recipes and restaurants.

Bon appétit!

13 facts about me

  1. I was born in Joshua Tree.
  2. I’m half Korean and half German.
  3. I was home-schooled until 4th grade. 
  4. I have a phobia of loud sounds (i.e. gun shots and fireworks).
  5. I majored in Economics and Public Health at UCLA.
  6. I studied abroad in Paris.
  7. I have a huge sweet tooth (favorite dessert is ice cream).
  8. I LOVE samples (just ask my friends).
  9. I have a well-behaved 9-year old brother.
  10. Michael Pollan and Elizabeth Bennet are my role models.
  11. I’m tone-deaf.
  12. My favorite snacks are ginger chews, salt and vinegar chips, and gim (Korean word for seaweed).
  13. I’ve been to 25 countries

Past and present photos of myself


Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris 2017


Nice, France. 2013


My mom and I in LA. 2013


Cooking class in Paris. 2013


Half Dome, Yosemite. 2016


Machu Picchu, Peru. 2016


My family at my aunt’s wedding.2012


Strawberry picking close to my parent’s house in Orange County. 2013


My little brother, Christian, and I. Christmas 2014


Aunt’s wedding. 2005


Day in the Laguna Beach Montage Kitchen. 2014


London, England. 2006


Maui, Hawaii. 2005

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 2.00.34 PM

Skydiving in San Diego. 2014


Duomo Cathedral in Florence. 2013


Barcelona, Spain. 2013


UCLA Graduation. 2015



San Francisco. 2016


Paris. 2016


Chefchaouen, Morocco 2017

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